CLACK On Demand water conditioner is the best brand in Indiana . Call us anytime for an estimate, for usually under $1300. we can install a NEW METERED 48,000 grain unit with a full 2 year labor warranty and 5 year control warranty. 317-714-0759. .. EVERYTHING ON THIS PAGE IS MY OPINION ONLY

 No matter how difficult  we can usually find a way to get you soft water for a reasonable price....

  Master Plumber Mark....

Which softener on the market today is the best and most reliable?     



The CLACK  Valve  is the most  "user friendly"  brand in the USA.  CLACK is the most advanced valve available on the market,  and far surpasses the   FLECK , CULLIGAN , AUTOTROL ,  and Kinetico  valve.  

GE,  Whirlpool,  Sears  and  Morton  are all throw away units after  6 years.  Very few folks will  service them.   

All  cheap bargain brands have very poor quality filter resin made to only last about 5 years in city water.  

The CLACK  mineral resin is  heavy-heavy  duty and twice the quality that comes in all the low end units.

Hard Water  Pics from Indiana   
         FEB  10, 11  This 10 year old  limed up GAS heater probably cost 4 times more per year just to heat the water.    The average  gas heater cost about  $295 per year when it is clean inside.  This nasty lime buildup is one good reason why a water softener pays for itself .

This is common city water.
There is no real self cleaning water heater on the market today .   Nobody wants to tear into the bottom of their heater and scrape out this crud every year,  and it cannot be flushed out with a hose. 

This lime is one big reason your dishes come out of the dishwasher so cloudy and your clothes look so dull.   


Look at this -- nasty green gruel ---that came pouring out of this water heater ..about 20 gallons worth....good grief!   

Over time,  this "nasty mineral gruel" collects in the bottom of the heater which you boil and  bathe in every day!!

     This is  "sludge"  that collects in water heaters...

   this one poured out  so blood red,  it looks like a crime scene

    this one looks like chunkey lentil soup .... yuck

    some  pretty blue gunk  from Greenwood 

 When an old water softener goes bad it can clog your plumbing pipes with the filter resin..


To replace this worn our culligan unit ,  Culligan wanted approx $2000.00 for their  Gold Series unit ,  we installed our CLACK complete for only $1100,                 1-19-08



BUYER BEWARE...Their are folks in Indy still paying for equipment that was bought  over 15 years ago!!  Stay away from "home show"  "fly-by-night"   "high pressure con men"  selling fancy sounding equipment for over $6000!!         We hear this complaint from folks who need repairs to their old equipment, or want to move the units to their new home. The company they bought the junk from is gone,  but the bill still has to be paid. 

Don't get conned into buying any of this  "over-priced -- hyped up junk"  out at the home shows ..  

We can install our 48,000 gr Clack unit for under $1300


Master Plumber Mark,  what is a  Salt Free unit,  does this really work,   or is it just a scam??

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