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Other Plumbing Services We Offer in Indianapolis

There are several plumbing services our licensed contractors can perform in Indianapolis, Indiana. On top of water heaters, sump pumps, water softeners, piping, and more, we offer additional plumbing services as well. You can be sure our highly proficient and experienced plumbing repair technicians are capable and well-equipped to handle any residential plumbing job you need. This includes toilets, faucets, water leaks, and more. For repairs and services such as these, you need a professionally trained and qualified plumber. We are the expert plumbers that offer the most respectful, affordable, and honest plumbing services in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding counties!
Plumbing Services Indianapolis Indiana

Water Leaks
Leak detection services are a specialty of ours here at Weilhammer Plumbing Company! We are happy to provide comprehensive inspection services for water leaks in all areas of a home or residential property. Water leaks are a sign that something is wrong in the plumbing department of your home. Whether it’s the kitchen sink or your basement walls, a leak should be taken seriously to be safe. It is important to take immediate action anytime you discover a leak indoors or in the garage. Failure to follow up on a residential water leak can lead to more damages and higher repair costs. A water leak can start off as a small problem, but if left unresolved, can quickly turn into a larger problem; which can potentially cost hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars to repair or restore. Early leak detection is highly recommended and effective. Call our Indianapolis plumbers at 317-714-0759 for emergency plumbing service and repair.
Toilets can experience a plethora of complications; from backups to clogs, overflows and leaks, operational issues, and much more. Fortunately, you have the trusted Weilhammer Master Plumbers on your side when something like this happens to you! We are highly trained and experienced to provide a wide-range of plumbing services for all make and model toilets. If your toilet needs replaced, we carry a full line of Toto toilets for your convenience. You can always be sure that we sell the best quality plumbing appliances and products available on the market. Call 317-714-0759 for more information regarding toilet plumbing in Indianapolis, IN.
Faucets are known to leak, seep, drip, and sometimes explode! If this happens, you need a trusted plumbing professional to clean up the mess for you. We repair all make and model faucets for kitchens, bathrooms, wet bars, and more. If your faucet needs replaced, we carry Moen faucets at your convenience or request. When a faucet is causing you problems, call our licensed plumbers at 317-714-0759 in Indianapolis, IN today. We offer ASAP emergency plumbing repairs too!