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      another sump pro 2200 failure 4-22-13



Has your MAN CAVE flooded lately??    

 Do you still feel confident in that 15 year old sump pump and battery back up system in your expensive  $$$ basement?  

Do you have a finished basement and are looking for a high quality,  heavy duty battery backup sump pump to protect your investment for years and years down the road?

We sell the very best --- ONLY.   We have seen the damage that  those  "inexpensive "   units can make.   Some brands actually fail in less than one year if you dont check the battery water level every month.  

We have also installed the water operated brands,  only to see them  malfunction and actually flood the basement .

You really get what you pay for when it comes to battery operated back up sump pumps,  and you  really get to "feel the pain"  when they fail you too. 

Floods like this can be avoided.. by simply getting the very best one you can buy for your finished basement..  THE VERY FIRST TIME..


     click on link     

Zoeller Aquanot II  heavy duty battery operated sump pump  -- the best you can buy.

this unit is more than heavy duty enough to be installed in small  commercial office buildings..  and we have done it..      

this unit comes with a 1 year warranty on labor and a three year warranty on parts...

No brand is completely fool proof or maintaince free,  but with a heavy duty maintaince free marine battery,  this unit is as close as you can get.    


                  Here are pictures of the "Sump Pro"   and .. Ace in the Hole..   They are both low end junk brands and got replaced due to the total failure of the system and the $$$ damage they caused....


                                                   Notice the hair line crack in this wimpy Wayne back up pump that was supposed to protect his basement . 

  Can you see the difference between a good quality pump and a poor quality one ??? 

All the inexpensive brands pump far less than the Aquanot and simply cant even hope to  keep up in a massive downpour even when they do work properly. 

The odds are, you have junk very similar to that wimpy pump in your basement. The pump probably  has been ignored , never been serviced in years and never checked to see if it actually still pumps water ,  or if the battery is still good.  

 Now all you got to do is ask yourself  

"do I feel lucky??"  

     3-8-06  Here is a burnt out 5 month old " inexpensive"  Wayne sump pump from Lowes  $65.     

My  Zoeller pump set up,  will literally last forever,   with a separate switch attached  to the pipe ,   the switch can be easily changed without having to ever rebuild the pump.      


11-27-06  installed this one in with a radon system.. 



 here a few others installed



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